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Lido Beach Somalia: Does Mogadishu Have Good Beaches?

Lido Beach Somalia, does Mogadishu have good Beaches? This is our expert guide to the most amazing beaches in Somalia.

Overlooking the Great Somalia Sea, in the vibrant city of Mogadishu, lies the quiet Lido Beach Somalia. Just a small strip of the 3300 km coastline of Somalia (fun fact Somalia has the biggest coastline in all of Africa). If you wanna watch the sunset with that significant other, or just relax after a busy week, Lido beach Somalia or Jazeera Beach is perfect for you. Drive up here and stay the night at one of the resorts, it is a holiday that you definitely want to go to!

The rich history of Mogadishu is something you do not want to miss. Mogadishu is the capital, the largest city and a major port of Somalia. Its origins can be dated back to the 10th century. It had Arab settlements and later came under the control of sultan of Zanzibar in 1871!

Later on, the Italians conquered Somalia and with it Mogadishu in 1892. It was basically leased and then sold to them under pressure from the British. From then on, Mogadishu grew from a Medieval village with a mere thousand inhibitants to a thriving capital of 150,000 strong and earned the title of ‘the pearl of the Indian Ocean’.

Coming to Lido Beach Somalia itself, not surprisingly it was first developed for Italian coloniasts in the late 1930s. Later on, in the 1950s, it underwent full development by the Italian administration under UN rule. During this time, a hotel nearby this beach was enlarged, and it became the tallest building in all of Mogadishu then.

Later on, all of Somalia went through war and destruction which did not spare Mogadishu. The beach was misused and its condition kept getting worse. There were road blocks on its way and it was declared a ‘no go zone’, by al-Shabab Islamic militants.

Luckily for us, it has been redeveloped as a tourist sport in the last decade. The Somalian disapora has played a huge role in this revival. Thanks to them, the beach now sports marvelous hotels such as Elite Hotel, Dolphen Hotel. Not just that, if you are looking for a bite to eat you can try out Ocean restaurant, Lido seafood restaurant. The disapora even helped numerous buiness ventures flourish in this city.

Some might say Lido Beach Mogadishu is the perfect place to get the fresh perspective of a rediscovered Somalia.

When you think about the hotels here, the Elite Hotel, Mogadishu is the first one that comes to mind. A location that would drive travel enthusiasts craxy, Elite Hotel is so much more than that. It hosts visitors from all over the world and provides unmatched services which spark up the beach.

Looking for a short, comfortable getaway? Elite Hotel, Mogadishu is just the place for you. It adds to the views and just perks up your experience. Its restaurant offers a diverse menu which not only satisfies those taste buds, but the seating’s location allows you to enjoy the food along with the view.

We’re not done yet, the hotel even offers a vast drink menu, with a collection of over 90 beverage just waiting for you! Its massage therapies and spa might just be the most relaxing moment of your day and would releive your stress. Don’t want to miss leg day? The fitness centre is perfect for you!

Elite Hotel’s Venue space can host upto 150,000 guests for your events. Be it anything ranging from a scenic engagement to an office party, Elite hotel has got you covered. Snacks, sound systems, WIFI are just some of the amenities that the hotel would provide for your guests. Just book it already!

Today, the beach is well developed and loved by the people who visit it. It is one of the most popular beaches in Somalia, so much so that hundreds of people flock towards it on weekends and always love the experience. They relish the breathtaking skyline and soak in the deep, blue ocean, and enjoy the night life.

So, when is the best time to visit Lido Beach you ask? All year round. Somalia has summer almost throughout the year. This makes it a perfect time visit the beach and relish the white sand and chilly water.

During most days, the beach is filled with sounds of laughter. When you come to the beach, you might spot volleyball nets, with youngsters on either side of it, smiling and not letting the ball down. You walk further down and notice another group playing football, the most popular sport in Somalia. As your eyes move towards the calm, blue water, you might catch a glimpse of people taking a dip, or snorkeling.

You can join in or just take a walk down the coastline. The strip of warm, white sand is apt for long walks and if you get tired or feel hot, you can always take a dive in the welcoming, cool sea.

Lido Beach Somalia is not just a beach. It is an experience. It tells you a story. The story of how this small town was passed from one ruler to another, of how the people suffered, of how it was finally able to free itself from the shackle of chains to become what it is today. You just have to listen, and soak it in.

It has something for everybody. Once you come here, you will get mesmerized. You will have an experience which is bound to remain with you for the rest for your life.

To give you an idea, a review from a satisfied customer reads,’ From accommodations to the pools to the hot tubs and glorious beach. The personnel was highly receptive to questions and providing to all inquiries. Second stay in two years and it won’t be our last.

This is just one of the many satisfied tourists that have given Lido beach a try. What are you waiting for? Just take a leap, book that ticket and head towards Little Italy. You are going to love it! Just like the Somalians says, “Xamar cadey xeebteedaa uxiisayee” which means, “I miss the best beach in Moagadishu City”.

Author: Mustafa Mmj – Cishqi-Team

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