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Best Beaches In Somalia (With Photos)

Those who are looking for some respite from the daily grind and want to soothe and nourish their soul, there ...
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Lido Beach Somalia: Does Mogadishu Have Good Beaches?

Lido Beach Somalia, does Mogadishu have good Beaches? This is our expert guide to the most amazing beaches in Somalia ...

Overlooking the Great Somalia Beaches, in the vibrant city of Mogadishu, lies the quiet Lido Beach. Just a small strip of the 3300 km coastline of Somalia (fun fact Somalia has the biggest coastline in all of Africa). If you wanna watch the sunset with that significant other, or just relax after a busy week, Somalia Beaches is perfect for you. Drive up here and stay the night at one of the resorts, it is a holiday that you definitely want to go to!

The rich history of Somalia is something you do not want to miss. Mogadishu is the capital, the largest city and a major port of Somalia. Its origins can be dated back to the 10th century. It had Arab settlements and later came under the control of sultan of Zanzibar in 1871!

Later on, the Italians conquered Somalia and with it Mogadishu in 1892. It was basically leased and then sold to them under pressure from the British. From then on, Mogadishu grew from a Medieval village with a mere thousand inhibitants to a thriving capital of 150,000 strong and earned the title of ‘the pearl of the Indian Ocean’.

Where is Somalia in the World?

Somalia, officially the Federal Republic of Somalia (Somali: Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya; Arabic: جمهورية الصومال الفيدرالية), is a country in the Horn of Africa. The country is surrounded by Ethiopia in the west, Djibouti,  in the northwest, the Gulf of Aden in the north, the Indian Ocean in the east, and Kenya in the southwest.

Somalia has an estimated population of 15 million, more than two million of whom live in the capital and the capital Mogadishu, and has been described as the most culturally diverse African country. About 85% of its population is of Somali origin, who have historically lived in the north of the country. The smaller races are more concentrated in the south. The official languages ​​of Somalia are Somali and Arabic. Most people in the country are Muslim,  mostly Sunni.

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How to travel to Somalia?

The world is beginning to open back up again following the pandemic, and your travel dreams are about to become reality once again. Looking for a unique travel experience in the beautiful country of Somalia? We are here to help.

Founded with a mission to bring authentic travel experiences to tourists that are influenced by local knowledge, our Somalia travel experiences showcase the incredible beauty this country has to offer. 

Somalia Beaches

Somalia, the name sparks emotions in the hearts of people who have heard its tale. It is a country located towards the east of Africa, also known as the horn of Africa. It has a strategic location, between sub-Saharan Africa and countries of Arabia and south-western Asia. Somalia has one of the largest coastlines in Africa and it experiences summer almost throughout the year which makes it an ideal travel destination, especially if you are someone who loves beaches.

It is blessed with a long coastline, home to some of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen. There is something unique about the beaches of Somalia. The sandy beaches welcome you and make you feel relaxed. You feel your problems going away as you stand at the shore, staring into the sunset. The deep blue sea is just the therapy you always needed.

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Boasting the longest coastline on the African mainland, our beautiful country offers plenty of stunning beaches, plateaus, highlands and plains. 

If you are looking to plan an incredible Somali adventure, look no further than our website. We offer a wealth of curated knowledge that is provided by locals who live in Somalia in order to give you the best holiday experience. Whether you want to know about tourist attractions or some hidden local spots, our website offers everything you need to know about creating your Somali adventure today.

  1. Liido Beach
  2. Jazeera Beach
  3. Murcanyo Beach
  4. Cadale Beach
  5. Goobweyn Beach
  6. Kismayo Beach
  7. Warsheeikh Beach
  8. Bosaso Beach
  9. Marka Beach
  10. Hobyo Beach
  11. Barbara Beach
  12. Garacad Beach
  13. Barawe Beach
  14. Xaabo Beach

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